Saturday, June 16, 2007

Life As A Mother

My life as a mother to a boy hasnt been all that rosy ,but the efforts u put in,in a child surely reap fruits one day .
My son ,Aryan was born in Pune,India but we moved to the U.S . when he was 16 months old ,so more than it being hard for him to get used t the new life ,it was difficult for me as his mother to see to it that he adjusts.
It cudnt be called hardships but yeah it was tough ,for someone like me who has always lived a sheltered life back home ,earlier with parents and then with in laws to come out here and adjust myself and my kid ot the new atmosphere .
It may look like no big deal coz indians for now hav been eternally migrating and living here ,but to move out suddenly from the cosy pleasures to a distant land ,where u do not know many was quite a shock ! Starting form the basics of how the basic machinery works at home ,like the diswasher or the washer-dryer to where u can find urself a good meal or indian ingredients to cook ,it all on ur own .How u take it ,how u do it ,its all up to u ,,thankfully for me i did hav a couple of known people who cud guide me and give me some insight on how to get things going ,besides that ,it was more of a roller coaster for us .
Caring for a child in a new place/surrounding..and then getting him used to the new place is tough and also fun .
Today, it been over 3 years that Im settled here, and my son now 4 1/2 yrs old is got completely adjusted to lifestyle here ,goes to school ,spends time in the library,has fun time in the park with friends(mostly americans),shops at Malls with me ,and is best of all ,having the Perfect Childhood Memories ,any parent wud want their child to have ,which at that point of time when i had left India looked hard to me .
Im still the same person but as a mother ,i hav graduated to a level lot higher .