Tuesday, April 21, 2009

whats it with EMA's .???

my friend's husband came over a month ago from the U.S on a work visit and happened to drop in for a late dinner ...on a genral talk ...we found out a lot of his collegues have had been talking bout EMA's--(to the lesser being -Extra Martial Affair) which seemed to give them jus cheap thrills to talk bout ...!!!(dont know how many of them were really into it ...)
    He felt it might not b wrong for some of them ...as they r really dealing with stressful times at home ..but personally ..what wud  u thk ..??does a person really hav a rht to go ahead ...and spoil his spouse's life too coz he feels his under pressure or 'stressful" ??
 Dont know where the world is going with these thots in their head ..!

Monday, April 13, 2009

yup ...
its been ages now since i updated my blog ..rather blogged at all ..!!!
Nothing Great,,but jus the fact the life's pace is always a step ahead of me ....and this has gotten to me somehow .!!
anyways ..so to kinda start afresh ..i deleted a few posts in the past year..coz of its unnecessary details and misconceptions..!!God ..u never know people they can probably (if they want)peel a skin ??no skins of a hair...u know what  i mean ..!
anyways not going into the past..as i promised a fresh start ...lets get down to today..
Aryan had a great time at the pool ...we have been going to the pool ..for the past week as the weather wud allow us ...but since a couple of days goddess mother Rain  has decided to keep blessing us at odd times ...!
and rht now at 5 in the eveng ,instead of cooking for the nht (what most of the mothers do )lol..i guess or taking a walk in the park ..in the lovely weather ..im here trying to blog away somthg ..where as my thots r running elsewhere ..!! 
i guess hence they say ..u ought to b good ..at ur thots than ur pen ...to put down somthg ...im sure sangeeta will totally understand my wave length ...i hav read up what she pens down at 2 in the morng ...!!