Tuesday, April 21, 2009

whats it with EMA's .???

my friend's husband came over a month ago from the U.S on a work visit and happened to drop in for a late dinner ...on a genral talk ...we found out a lot of his collegues have had been talking bout EMA's--(to the lesser being -Extra Martial Affair) which seemed to give them jus cheap thrills to talk bout ...!!!(dont know how many of them were really into it ...)
    He felt it might not b wrong for some of them ...as they r really dealing with stressful times at home ..but personally ..what wud  u thk ..??does a person really hav a rht to go ahead ...and spoil his spouse's life too coz he feels his under pressure or 'stressful" ??
 Dont know where the world is going with these thots in their head ..!


Wilson Bright said...

Extra marital affair becomes flares to this younger generation coming from no where. nice post..

Sangeeta said...

hey girl, thanks for sending me a link to yr blog. will add u. do keep writing. You write great. :)