Monday, April 13, 2009

yup ...
its been ages now since i updated my blog ..rather blogged at all ..!!!
Nothing Great,,but jus the fact the life's pace is always a step ahead of me ....and this has gotten to me somehow .!!
anyways to kinda start afresh ..i deleted a few posts in the past year..coz of its unnecessary details and misconceptions..!!God ..u never know people they can probably (if they want)peel a skin ??no skins of a hair...u know what  i mean ..!
anyways not going into the i promised a fresh start ...lets get down to today..
Aryan had a great time at the pool ...we have been going to the pool ..for the past week as the weather wud allow us ...but since a couple of days goddess mother Rain  has decided to keep blessing us at odd times ...!
and rht now at 5 in the eveng ,instead of cooking for the nht (what most of the mothers do )lol..i guess or taking a walk in the park the lovely weather here trying to blog away somthg ..where as my thots r running elsewhere ..!! 
i guess hence they say ..u ought to b good ur thots than ur pen put down somthg sure sangeeta will totally understand my wave length ...i hav read up what she pens down at 2 in the morng ...!!

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